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Carrying intramuscular injection

Good day, my friends! Today I want to talk about the most important and always an integral part in the steroid courses – namely, conducting intramuscular injection. As a rule, every newcomer, standing on the “dark side” asks the question: how to make a shot himself? On it I will try here to give a detailed answer. Thus, […]

Cardio and bodybuilding

Cardio – is a special kind of training, which is aimed at strengthening the cardiovascular system. The inclusion of cardio in the training process required for any bodybuilder. Cardio also useful for those who simply want to improve their health. The secret of the load that their regular conduct will help to ensure that the vessels will be […]

Dehydration of the body

Few people pay attention to their health, especially in hot weather or during physical activity. And the fact that dehydration occurs and the person every minute lose a certain amount of liquid, many do not care, as a state of the body they consider harmless. Anyone who thinks so is just for reference, I would like […]

Dining on a course of steroids

Good day, my friends! Today I want to talk about that, about that many pitching overlooked, namely the power of steroids on the course, and food after the course. First of all it is necessary to know that the reception of anabolic steroids significantly increases our need for food and rest, so that malnutrition threaten us with the […]